The Purpose Of The Planets And Stars

Magellanic Cloud

When I was a child I remember asking my mother about the universe, planets, and stars. I wasn’t truly sure what their purpose was. One day out of nowhere I suddenly had a thought. What if the universe was where all people will be held after we pass into the next life? What if the trillions of planets were each good persons reward (heaven) and the stars (suns) were each bad persons reward (hell)?

I still feel like a child looking up at the sky and wondering if this is why the planets and stars are really here. They truly are beautiful and cannot be there for no reason.

As with everything on our beautiful planet Earth each object in nature seems to dance with the others all working together to produce something more beautiful than the original objects themselves. For example the butterfly and how it gracefully moves from flower to flower; spreading pollen to each flower. It only takes a bit of nectar but both the flower and the butterfly benefit and the result of this joyous and magical dance is a beautiful garden of even more flowers to make room for even more butterflies! So it continues.

What are your thoughts on the amazing planets and the sky? For what purpose do you think they are there? I would love to hear anything you thought of as a child as well.

I want to truly wish you, and all of your loved ones, happiness in every area of your life.


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